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About the Shellbook System


The Shellbook System is a growing network of community-based Local Publishers -- organizations, schools, families, even individuals -- who develop Shellbook teaching and learning resources using Shellbook Maker software. Shellbook Maker stores all published and 'in-process' Shellbooks in a Local Library (database) on a Local Publisher's computer.

Currently, to share Shellbooks, Local Publishers must "export" them from their Local Library (database) to their computer's file system as a "Shellbook Export" (.sef) file. From there it may be emailed, or shared just like any other file. Other Local Publishers may then import it into their own Shellbook Local Library, and adapt it for their own use.

The Trust is offering to partner with All Children Reading: A Grand Challenge for Development to build Shellbook Library Server. This web-service, formerly operated by Shellbook Publishing Systems, LLC as Shellbook-Online, will allow Local Publishers to upload, manage, and create subscriptions to share their Local Libraries online with other Local Publishers anywhere in the world.


The localization of community development capacity itself becomes possible once agencies begin delivering their teaching and learning materials in an adaptable, resource format -- rather than as "finished products".  Shellbook resources empower communities by helping them to understand, validate, accept, adapt, and adopt new information in the familiar terms of their own language and cultural perspective... making it their own.

The Shellbook System makes localization manageable and cost-effective at any scale: local, national, regional, or global.