About Shellbook


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About Shellbooks


A Shellbook is a short, highly-illustrated curriculum module created by subject matter experts in an easy-to-adapt digital format. 

Since 1989, these 'teaching & learning shells' have provided a principled framework for thousands of minority language communities to discuss, understand, and adapt important development information and education materials in their own mother-tongue, and in a manner that is more culturally appropriate, authentic and acceptable for use in the local context.

Literacy, Education, and Life-Crucial Information
Minority language communities use the Shellbook method to localize literacy, education, and development information of all types. Government and other public and private agencies have provided Shellbooks for localization on such life-crucial topics as HIV-AIDS, clean water, sanitation, and enhanced & sustainable agriculture, as well as Primary school curriculum and reading material for neo-literates.

Highly Illustrated
The most effective and popular Shellbooks are highly illustrated booklets, storybooks, social stories, 'big books', posters, and flipcharts. The use of illustrated material and the Shellbook 'Patterned Oral Paraphrase' (POP) localization process provides an inclusive, participatory, and simple framework for people of all ages and literacy levels to discuss and adapt in terms of their own language and cultural perspective.

Integrated Training
With Shellbook Maker software, topic specialists may integrate and embed a teacher's guide, helps, or other training material -- including audio and video clips -- into any teaching and learning shell. These may be adapted and stored right in the shell for local use as well.

"Ownership through Authorship"
Well designed Shellbook resources provide a principled framework in which diverse communities are empowered to take ownership of literacy, education, and life-crucial information by authoring their own teaching and learning materials, in their own language.